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Student Resources

  Turn It In
Turn it In is for High School English students to help them prevent plagiarism and to gain feedback from their teachers and from their peers. As per teachers request, all papers must be submitted to before they will be graded.

Lower Cape May Regional School District offers a variety of resources including links to online resources that we believe will help students excel. We hope you find our resources helpful and we are always open to suggestions on how we can improve on helping our students find the information they are looking for.

Student Employment Opportunities
Visit the LCMR Education Foundation for student employment opportunities.

Course Information
Course directory for all the classes available at RMT and LCMR.

Structured Learning Experience Program
To experience real life situations in the workplace; and to be able to come in contact with the latest technological advancements in the business world, health related fields, our complex legal system, areas of communications, management science, computer technology, and other related fields that students have an interest in exploring.

ELL Support
Complete Mathematics Curriculum for Middle School and High School.

Stop Cyber Bullying
Take the pledge to stop Cyber Bullying.

Parking Applications
Seniors can follow the simple instructions and fill out their Parking Application online.

Scholarship Information - Caper Notes
Information provided by the LCMR High School Guidance Department.

Harassment policies and regulations for students.

Student Links
Great resources available free on the web.

Physical Education Packets
Password Protected - Please see your gym teacher for your user name and password.

2014-2015 LCMR Peer Leader Applicants (Senior)

-Is the #1 reason girls drop out of high school.
-The national dropout rate for pregnant teens is 90%.
-80% of these young relationships do not last.
-Project Care was designed to decrease dropout rates for pregnant teens and to help support the relationships of parenting teens.

Sexual, Racial or Religious Harassment Reporting Form
If you are the victim of or have witnessed an act of harassment, please fill out the form below and give it to the Affirmative Action Officer:
Peter Daly - Affirmative Action Officer - 609) 884-3475 ext. 215


Senior English Class Links

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